Beta1.0 Testnet

This tutorial will guide you to participate in Freedom Beta1.0 Testnet through the process of how to generate a FreeID — a multi-chain identity using different crypto wallets and bind multiple wallets to the same FreeID and the automatic display of NFTs within wallets. Thank you for your support by joining us in the warm-up event and welcome to Freedom Beta 1.0 Testnet.
You are welcome to join our Freedom Testnet Invitation Program, Invite more friends to join us and obtain more Points to unlock special benefits. Top 1,000 users are eligible for winning a Genesis NFT and unlock special benefits ( Airdrop & others).
You can submit your feedback here and our core team will review all feedbacks and any issues that may lead us to further fix Freedom issues, people who participate in Beta1.0 Testnet Bounty Program and submit their feedback will get airdrop as rewards when token release.

Netwrok Compatible

Step by Step Tutorial

1- Visit Freedom Web App

Visit Freedom Alpha link from your browser and click the “ App” button on the top right。
Click “ Link Wallet” and log in Freedom Beta1.0 Testnet by authorizing your wallet and then click “ Create FreeID”, you will automatically generate your FreeID.

3- Authorize to view NFT

After clicking “ Authorize to view NFT”, all NFTs in your address will be displayed in this page.
Once you come to this steps, congratulation! you have successfully completed the Beta1.0 Testnet. your personal avatar, cover and background are customizable.
There are only FreeID and NFT Display in the Beta1.0 testnet, more functions will be launched in the follwing months.

What is FreeID?

Freedom NFT social platform allows any public chain address to be seamlessly linked to any public chain (Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Avalanche, Matic Network are available ) and enables multi-chain wallet management through FreeID — the Identity System. After logging into Freedom, we have designed simple & clear introduction to guide you how to create your own identity and what you need to do is invite your friends to join and ramble in the interesting & funny Web 3.0 social network.

What is NFT Display ?

Freedom platform is multichain compatible, once you bind different address from Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Avalanche, Matic Network to your FreeID, all NFTs could be displayed in one account, you don’t need to switch from account to another account or from one public chain to another publics. a one-stop management web3.0 tool for your NFTs.

4- How to Bind One FreeID to Multi Address

Any address after signature by linking to Freedom platform will automatically generate a FreeID
If you want to bind your address B/C under address A, then we just need to copy the FreeID of address A and paste it into address B/C and well done! you have successfully bind your multi address to one FreeID.
Please follow the below steps

5- Unbind your FreeID

If you want to unbind one of the address from your FreeID, please click “ Address” on the right top corner, click the button as shown below, you are successfully done. Once you have finished the steps, all NFTs from this address will be displayed in the Freedom Page

6- Invite Friends to Freedom & Win Genesis NFT

In order to thank Freedom users for their active participation, Freedom provides test network rewards for everyone, and the rules for obtaining the rewards are as follows. The top 1,000 users in the score ranking can obtain the reward Freedom Genesis NFT. 🎉
Click here Testnet Ranking Rules and start to invite friends to join us