Soma Kid NFT

Freedom Soma Kid NFT, as the Forever Membership Credential in the Platform
Intro about Soma Kid NFT
Soma Kid NFT is an unlimited digital collectibles that live on the Ethereum Blockchain. It was created by Freedom, the fully decentralized multichain social platform, as the Forever Membership Credential to incentivize early supporters & contributors and community members.

About Soma Kid

Soma Kid was born in June, 2022 and is natively a virtual particle in the blockchain space. He is a little evil, hates the same old life and often travels from chain to chain, experiencing various types of NFT worlds and loves games. Soma’s world has no day or night, and he often sleepwalks and likes to watch your whereabouts quietly while he sleepwalks. When he sleepwalks, his body changes in different ways and he is keen to play the role of all the different people he meets in the NFT world.
Soma Kid is present in all corners of the blockchain world, and when people are bored, Soma Kid will end up sleepwalking and come to you across time and space to brighten up the boredom in the Freedom Platform.
Soma Kid NFT

Discover the Soma Kid NFT Benefits

The Freedom Soma Kid NFT launched by Freedom team not only provides users with a visually cool NFT avatar, also extra rights attached to it, such as the holder’s badge of honor and identity on the Freedom platform.
The specific benefits of Freedom Soma Kid NFT holders are as follows:
  1. 1.
    Be their identity in Discord, and their avatars are with a special logo
  2. 2.
    The priority testing opportunities for any Freedom new function and product
  3. 3.
    Have a chance to receive airdrop from Freedom and other cooperative projects.
  4. 4.
    Use One-click Mint function for free
  5. 5.
    Free to use all Character Customization element when Character Customization function is launched
1.The Soma Kid NFT is the forever membership credential in Freedom Platform, it is not tradable and transferrable. Once you mint, you are able to automatically receive above benefits in the platform.
2. One-click Mint Function and Character Customization function will initially based on Internet Computer and later expand to other chains compatibility.

Soma Kid NFT Sales Rules

Public Price :$180 Whitelist price :$120 Support public chain:ETH Purchase method: Freedom official website Mint NFT Release time: TBD Payment tokens: USDT or USDC
Note: Whitelist sale time is 1 hour, public sale will be opened at the end of whitelist

Invitation Rules

Whenever you have successfully minted a Soma Kid NFT, you will automatically generate a Invitation Code, Every time you friend minted a Soma Kid NFT with your invitation code, you can get a Fragment NFT, which is worth 60USDT and can be transferrable and traded on the Opensea.
Once you collect 10 Fragment NFT, you are able to mint a Soma NFT, which is worth 900 USDT and can be transferrable and traded on the Opensea.