Freedom intends to provide a fairer, safer, and higher quality environment for creators. and NFT will ensure that all content created by creators is protected on-chain, which allow creators to focus on creating quality content without the risk of any creative and valuable content being stolen.
One-click links your wallet to Freedom, where all the original content you have posted in Freedom platform and all NFTs in your wallet will be displayed. Invite your friends to follow, comment, share the content you have created and spread your influence in the Web 3.0 social network by forming an interactive record of value with NFTs through Freedom platform.. It's a very simple step!
The actions of the creator's address will be recorded by the canister, so a multi-action FreeID will have a high value return in the Freedom platform.
Difficulties currently faced by SocialFi
a) Only important assets (Token, NFT) are hosted on the chain, while the rest of user data are hosted in the centralized cloud, which not only increases the risk of monopoly, but also greatly reduces the resistance to censorship.
b) Blockchain network interaction speed is slow, sending messages need to wait for block confirmation before the other party can receive them, and there is even the possibility of sending failure
c) The GAS fee is too high. Sending a message or Like a post needs to consume 100 dollars in gas fees when network congestion
Freedom platform enables users to use all of Freedom's features for free on a completely decentralised network powered by Internet Computer, allowing users to experience decentralised socializing with second-level confirmation, and to own the social data generated in Freedom platform, which can be brought into DApp from any public chain. The full functionality of Freedom will be available to any public chain address, which will allow the entire blockchain ecosystem to flourish and form a horizontal and vertical system in a multi-chain landscape