Crypto projects, communities, brands, and influencers can move their audiences to a Space they create in the Freedom platform and reward their community's contributions. In this way, every brand can have a community interface for its audience in Freedom platform.
Creating a Space is just like creating a subReddit on Reddit. Moreover, doing this is as easy as clicking a few buttons. What you need is to spend a certain amount of $FDI token to mint your exclusive Space.

Who can use Freedom Space?

Blockchain: Ethereum、Solana、Polygon、Avalanche、Binance Smart Chain…
NFT: BAYC、Auzki、Cryptopunk、World of Women…
GameFi: Axie Inifinity…
Company/Organization: Constitution DAO、
Influencer/Celebrity: Elon Musk、CZ、Sam Bankman-Fried…
CEX: Coinbase、Binance、Huobi、FTX、OKX…
and more…

Module Function For Freedom Space

  1. 1.
    Multi Sign On-chain Announcement Solution
  2. 2.
    Private Room Chatting
  3. 3.
    DAO Function
  4. 4.
    Advertisement Feature
  5. 5.
    NFT Launchpad
  6. 6.
    NFT Membership
  7. 7.
    Group Chat Portal
  8. 8.
    Customizing Function

Examples of Real-life Application Scenario

Fandom Community

Famous celebrities or their agencies can build their own fandom community and grant NFTs to their fans. Members who have this NFT can communicate with each other in a special chat group, thereby forming a bond. They can sell tickets or goods that can be used for fan signings and concerts as NFTs, which can serve as a bridge between offline and online. Depending on the rank of the NFT, you can also grant the community leader role.


DAO members can be verified primarily through NFT verification. After that, data such as all governance decisions, opinions, pros and cons, etc. they make are stored on-chain through NFT. With Freedom's special feature, their decisions and full announcements are stored and published as on-chain data that cannot be tampered with. With freedom, DAO organization members can participate in their own private decision-making communication and avoid hacker attacks when announcing important information such as announcements.

Groups for Specific Interests

Within Freedom, groups interested in a specific topic can form a bond by minting NFTs on that topic, and join community groups of their choice. This will allow you to find new friends with the same interests as you in the decentralized world of social media.


Companies can use Freedom as a Web 3 organizational system communication tool. The company (organizational owner) may grant members NFTs that act as employee cards. Subsequently, members with different NFTs for different classes (e.g., departments or positions) can form different communication groups. Here, they can discuss and dataize the work progress related to their respective departments and store them on-chain. Their work records, suggestions, and commendations can be issued in different NFTs. Based on this historical data, companies (organizational owners) can record their work records for each role through the NFT, or record their contributions to the company on-chain and provide appropriate compensation to their address.

Educational Institutions

Educational institutions may issue different NFTs for different roles. Roles of teachers, students, and certification bodies can be distinguished here. They can be subdivided according to level, class, grade, etc., which form different communication groups. This enables customized guidance and training tailored to your level. Their training and performance data are stored on-chain through NFT and can be used as a basis for future data analysis. Various certificates such as certificates for the curriculum and certificates of completion are also NFTized to enable untamperable proof.