Original Content NFTs

In the Freedom platform, social actions such as creating content, commenting, liking and following can be minted as NFTs. Original Content is like a comment shared on Reddit, a tweet shared on Twitter, or a blog shared on Medium.
All contents created by creators will be generated minted as NFTs which ensures the users ownership of the content, and can be stored in their wallet so as to guarantee that the value of the content can be transferred.

Original Content NFT is composed of …

Comment NFT Users can comment on other creators’s Original NFT, the comment posted will be minted as a NFT, which you have the total ownership.
Share NFT Share NFT is similar to Retweet function in Twitter, what you share will be minted as a Share NFT with the same with Original Content NFT.
Follow NFT Following in Freedom platform is different from following in WEB 2.0 social platforms. When a user follows another user in Freedom platform, he/she will be given a Follow NFT.The Follow NFT contains information about the time you have been following different people and the number of your followers. So, as the creators you follow grow, you will see your priority followings by Follow NFT.
In order to ensure the user experience, every comment, share content & follow action will be compact as metadata to store in DFINITY’s canister, users could choose to mint or not according to their own need.