NFT Display

Multichain NFT display
NFT Display, an one-stop Doraemon Treasure Bag to display manage your NFTs from multi blockchain with ONE FreeID
In Freedom, you can bind multiple wallets from multiple chains simultaneously with a FreeID and easily embed an NFT from all the most popular blockchain. the NFTs from all bound wallets and display them on the same page. In addition, you can mint NFTs with one-click function through the Freedom platform.

What’s Next after NFT Display?

It’s NFT Display But More Than NFT Display.
We will integrate with different NFT exchanges with different NFT standards in order to offer a seamless solution for NFT holders from collection to implementation. Users can like, share and comment on any NFT held by others. We believe that almost all NFT holders need a stage to show off and that pioneers, key opinion leaders and influencers need a web3.0 Instagram to showcase their hobbies to others.
Due to the large number of NFT standard protocols and many emerging protocols, the following NFT types can currently be displayed in Freedom platform.

Currently Supported NFT

1、ERC-721 png image NFT
2、Loot VAG type image NFT

Temporarily Unavailable NFT

1、Video NFT
2、ERC-1155 NFT
3、Non-standard ERC-721 contracts - such as: balanceOf method error, lack of tokenOfOwnerByIndex method
4. The metadata server for NFT on Avalanche or Binance Smart Chain is out of service
We will integrate with more NFT standards to guarantee the whole range of NFT Display

One-click Mint NFT

Freedom platform will open up a one-click NFT creation module in order to facilitate quick updates of Original Content. Freedom's web interface will allow users to mint NFTs in minutes without coding and easily mint a series of exclusive Original Content NFT in a customizable form. This is something exciting to look forward to!
Freedom social platform will have access to different platforms’ APIs and users will be able to mint NFTs on any platform of their choice that has entered into a partnership with Freedom platform.