This white paper is published to introduce the portal integration project to potential users, which is the creation of an integrated interface that serves as a single trading board for users to operate all their decentralized financial (DeFi) accounts. This white paper contains the key features of the port and the platform. It in no way constitutes a contractual or legal agreement based relationship. The primary purpose of this white paper is to provide our potential users with important, reasonable and actionable information that will allow them to delve deeper into the portal platform in question. Nor part of this white paper may be construed as a solicitation or should be construed as containing any form of application or solicitation for investors to participate in a partnership with us. Nor is this white paper a defense to an agreement or transaction to purchase or obtain a guarantee in any power or capacity.
The subject areas of this white paper do not include and are not limited to rules and regulations that establish, in any form or manner, the supreme authority to secure investors and their potential contracts. Some of the facts, data and assessments in this white paper have the potential to be informative and statements based on the expectations of the platform owners/management. Any forward-looking statements of this nature include an acknowledgement and recognition that certain risks are feasible and likely to occur and may have been calculated to be different. Accordingly, this white paper does not obligate itself to correctly predict facts, statements or expectations and plans.
This white paper is written in English. The primary official basis for this data on the Port Platform is English. The data in this white paper may translated into other languages and spoken or written to potential partners, consumers, users, customers, etc. During certain translations, this data contained in this white paper may or may not contain errors, mistakes, representations or misinterpretations. There is no guarantee of a free error/error status for any interchangeable communications. In any case, if there are any differences, conflicts, disagreements between certain translations and the official English white paper, this initial document in English will always be provided as the main and primary dominant information/data.